Astoria Oregon, Hammond Oregon, Phoenix Arizona residential rentals.

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320 Silverside, Hammond OR $725 3BR/1BA Spacious, woodsy, lots of room! This 4plex also has: 2BR/1BA, 1BR/1BA and 1BR/1BA+bonus room.

309 W. Riverside, Phoenix AZ  $675 Adorable, clean, 5 minutes from Down Town.

Columbia Ave 2br/1ba, Astoria OR  River views, shopping-trolley-marina-restaurants in walking distance. This duplex has 2 2BR/1BA units.

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Astoria Oregon rental on Columbia Avenue. The view from the front porch, living room window and the front bedroom.   Historic and beautiful.   This 2 Bedroom / 1 bath is currently rented. Available units listed above.

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: Iowa Farm House FOR SALE: Iowa Farm House SOLD

: So. Phoenix , Arizona   Currently rented

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